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Vespa PX 150

Vespa PX celebrates its 150 th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy with a special series.

From 65 years of history of costume and character of the mobility of our country, Vespa celebrates 150 years of united: born today Vespa PX 150 Anniversary Unity of Italy.

The Vespa has a long history of our country, and many nations, as a unique phenomenon of mobility and lifestyle. And 'one of the symbols of Italian industry's creativity and the most known around the world.

Founded 65 years ago - the patent and the first series went into production back in the spring of 1946 - Vespa in Italy in the Second World War has been for millions of Italians an ideal way for the conquest of individual mobility. It 'was music, rebellion, romance and escape, the promise of freedom for all, the symbol of the years of the "Dolce Vita". The protagonist in the "revolution of ideas" that youth of the '60s and '70s brought to fruition. He welcomed the Rock'n Roll in Europe and came running to the MTV Generation and digital music. Exceeded a staggering 17 million units produced so far, Vespa is still known and sold throughout the world, from Europe to the United States, Asia.

To celebrate the 150 anniversary of the unification of Italy, the Piaggio Group has created a special series of Vespa PX 150, surely one of the most representative models of the Vespa range, as well as by far the longest running and most popular with over 3,000. 000 units sold in all continents.

Already visible today in the Italian section of the site www.vespa.com International, the Vespa PX 150 th Anniversary of Unification of Italy is an exclusive vehicle, characterized by an elegant white livery of the inserts which stand out in green-white-red tricolor Italian decorating the sides and the shield, which stands out even the official logo of the 150 th Anniversary 1861-2011. In controscudo, however, is applied to the data label certifies that the membership of each copy of this special commemorative series.

Vespa PX 150 th Anniversary of Unification of Italy is equipped as standard with a spare wheel that Vespa-style, is placed in the left side.

Unchanged the technical features that have made the success of the Vespa PX: four-speed manual transmission to the handlebars, a real "must" for fans, the legendary strength provided by steel shell and the reliability of a simple motor indestructible, with a unique design and above all stylish.

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